Accelerating Agile Development through Software Reuse



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About the Authors
Oliver Hummel currently works as a consultant for Perot Systems Germany in Frankfurt. Prior to that he used to work for the Chair of Software Engineering at the University of Mannheim where he received his PhD degree with a dissertation on software component retrieval. Oliver's research interests include software reuse, information retrieval and software development processes. 

Werner Janjic is a research student at the chair for Software Engineering at the University of Mannheim. Werner’s main research interests are practical software reuse in the context of agile development and its impact on the software development lifecycle. He received a diploma in business and computer science from the University of Mannheim. Contact him at the Institute for Computer Science, University of Mannheim, A 5, 6, B238, 68131 Mannheim. 

About the author

About the author

About the author

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