Adapting the Agile Mindset to Software Configuration Management


A couple of key viewpoints from both the CM and Agile mindsets are related. Agile professionals believe that small and CM professionals think modular, which are both similar concepts. Agile asks that you think in smaller units so that you can continually build and inspect the increment for value; CM asks that you think modular so that pieces can be more efficiently and effectively managed and built. Agile professionals think continuous and CM professionals think improvement. There is an element of continuous process improvement in both. Each mindset also brings unique and valuable viewpoints of their own like focusing on business value (Agile) and ensuring integrity (CM).


Both Agile professionals and CM professionals should learn enough about each other’s mindset in order to understand each other’s perspective to comprehend what it means to adapt CM to align with the values of Agile. While both speed (for Agile) and control (for CM) are important, it is ultimately driven by the ability to quickly get value to the customer while maintaining the integrity of the deliverable so that the customer can have confidence in what they are receiving. Understanding the mindset of each will help provide you with an Agile and CM one-two punch for a very powerful combination!



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