Agile Development Infrastructure—on Premises or in the Cloud?


renting from a service provider in the cloud, in most cases the provider can help you with this and walk you through the process of your design needs.


Some companies that provide cloud infrastructure include, Right Scale, Rackspace, GoGrid, and Caspio Bridge. Not all provide the exact same set of services, but they each provide aspects of cloud infrastructure services. Consider performing a search on "cloud infrastructure" for more service providers.


Owning On-Premises

Physically owning infrastructure is the traditional approach and is still the prevalent method of infrastructure for a product. For man,y it is perceived to be the safer, more secure approach and is better suited for organizations that want to have total control of their infrastructure. Owning the infrastructure also means that you have the capital to purchase the hardware, software, databases, network, and other components needed to host product development, testing, and production. Even when you consider physically owning infrastructure, you may have multiple sites of development. You have choices to place infrastructure at each site or share infrastructure at one site. In addition, owning your infrastructure comes with it the full breadth of administration, upgrades, maintenance, license management, and security that goes with supporting infrastructure. You also have to focus on performance, scalability, integration, and it implies that you hire staff to manage the infrastructure.


Owning on premises does not mean you have to set up the full infrastructure (servers, datacenter, etc.) each time a new product is envisioned for development. Organizations can use strategies similar to "in the clouds" options. This can include hosting a provisioning model, implementing an internal platform as a service (Paas), and sharing common

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