Agile Development Infrastructure—on Premises or in the Cloud?


support services (e.g., common configuration management or testing environments and tools). In the PaaS option, there are new choices where you can establish the platform locally. One such choice is the Agile platform by Outsystems which provides an on-premises solution that equips the team with all of the required tools to integrate, assemble, deploy, and operate web business solutions using agile methods.


It’s wise for organizations to share space in existing datacenters, much like the co-location as a service option. Also, some organizations may utilize renting in the local cloud optio,n meaning that the organization can establish infrastructure co-ops that can already has many of the infrastructure needs of a product team. The reality is that most product teams have fairly similar infrastructure needs (platform, development environment, CM tools, test environments, etc.). Organizations would be wise to deploy an infrastructure service model to make it quicker and easier for new product lines to get their infrastructure established. This can be particularly advantageous to new product lines utilizing agile methods.



As you consider each of these approaches, take a good look at the amount of your budget, need for control, and even the development methodology you are considering. These factors can help you better evaluate the best infrastructure model that is best for your needs. While lesser in importance, there are other inputs that can factor into your decision making to own or rent. These include the consideration of the various development support tools that may or may not be available including configuration management (CM), test, defect tracking. Their availability may lean you toward one model or the other. Ultimately, it is good to know that, while there are choices that keep you on the ground (on-premises infrastructure), you can also reach for the sky (cloud infrastructure!).


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