Agile is Here to Stay... Now What?


the Agile movement so desperately needs in order to break into the mainstream and stay there. Today, we stand on the cusp of Moore's chasm and our ability to take the next step depends on whether or not we can embrace the pragmatism needed to catalyze mainstream Agile adoption.

About the Authors

Erik Gottesman isa Senior Manager at Sapient. Erik is responsible for identifying and developing the tools that support Sapient|Approach, the distributed Agile delivery model used bySapient teams globally to deliver client success. In this role, Erikprovides product direction for ResultSpace, Sapient's Agileapplication lifecycle managementsolution. Previously, Erik provided leadership and technical oversight on delivery engagements withHilton, Nissan, and major financialinstitutions.

Andy Takats is a Director at Sapient. After many years helping clients deliver leading-edge software systems (including work for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, European Space Agency, and then for United Airlines, Williams Energy, Merrill Lynch, and others while at Sapient), Andyturned inward at Sapient to lead an overhaul of the company's delivery approach. Currently he is back in the fire coaching Sapient teams and helping Sapient clients adopt Agile methods.

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