Agile at Scale: 7+7 Practices for Enterprise Agility



The seven agile team practices that scale and the seven agile enterprise practices that can be mastered will substantially improve the performance of the software enterprise. While the undertaking is significant, the rewards are significant as well, and the benefits of higher productivity, improved time-to-market, higher-quality and lower support costs, coupled with unleashing the creative and productive power of empowered project teams, will launch the company toward it's goal of a creating the agile enterprise.

About the Author Dean Leffingwell is a software industry executive, entrepreneur, and part time methodologist/author who has spent his career trying to help software teams achieve their goals. He is the former founder and CEO of Requisite, Inc. makers of RequisitePro, and a former SVP at Rational Software. He now serves as a consulting methodologist to Rally Software and as advisor to a number of larger software enterprises. He is the lead author of the text: "Managing Software Requirements: A use Case Approach", Addison Wesley, 2003. This article is excerpted from his next book entitled; "Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for the Enterprise", scheduled for publication in fall of 2006 from Addison Wesley.


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