Agile Software Development: It's Not the Wild West


Work Horse
The work horse has learned about Agile by trying to implement it on their own or with some help from others. They understand the structure that Agile needs to thrive, by either being bitten once already or by fully understanding the environment needed for Agile. These may be folks in the trenches who really understand the challenges of implementing Agile because their merit or bonus is tied to their success. This group cannot afford to be idealists, but are realists that learn the hard way when a new Agile culture collides with current company culture. They learn the importance of facilitating change and adapting. A lot can be learned from this group.

Bandwagon Enthusiast
The bandwagon enthusiast sees benefit in jumping on the Agile train. Fads and trends rule the day so if Agile is "hot", then there will be folks who pretend to be enthusiasts. They "throw around" Agile terminology to give the appearance of knowing the field. The danger is that they pretend to know Agile well while not really understanding it and what it needs to thrive. Therefore inaccurate information is often disseminated without any bad intend (but it is incorrect information all the same). Some bandwagon enthusiasts will see the value of Agile and will become Agile work horses or champions - most will not.

The deceiver sees the Agile trend as an opportunity to abandon processes and documentation so that they can enjoy the wild west life. When reviewing the Agile Manifesto (see ), they interpret the word "over" as "in place of". These are individuals are smart enough to know that many do not understand Agile. They deliberately twist the true intent of the manifesto. For example when the Agile Manifesto says:

  • "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools"

Deceivers will re-interpreted it as

  • "Individuals and interactions in place of processes and tools".

Agile values process, tools, documentation, negotiation, and planning. However, these concepts are viewed differently in the Agile world. Deceivers are the most dangerous because they undermine and obstruct the potential

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