Agile Software Development: It's Not the Wild West


Embracing Change: The ability to truly respond to change while achieving goals is at the heart of a successful Agile operation. As an iteration is completed, customer changes should be welcome because this means that we are getting closer to what the customer wants. It can be difficult to accommodate change because we all want to know what is coming next so we can plan accordingly.

When listening to people talk about Agile, try to understand their point of view. What is their Agile persona (e.g., Innovator, Champion, Bandwagon Enthusiast, or Deceiver)? Do they understand what they are saying? Deceivers will purposefully send the wrong message using this as an opportunity to throw out all processes and documentation. Most bandwagon enthusiasts are involved because it is "hot" but not really invested in the method discarding it when the next "hot" thing comes along. Work horses will have in-depth working experience and will speak the hard truths about Agile, with the benefits and the warts. Champions are very pro-Agile advancing the cause and state of the practice. While employing Agile implies a cultural shift, the Agile community must continue to communicate the strengths and weaknesses. While no solution is a silver bullet, Agile can provide a nice silver lining for certain types of projects in the software development field.

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