Agile vs. Waterfall: The Blue Ocean Explains Why Agile Wins


what is a blue ocean today may become a red ocean subsequently and this is a process of continual improvement.

With more complexity in IT projects and a need to respond faster to changing markets, teams have had to adapt the way they work. The solutions they are using are just not meeting these new requirements. The need for organizations to do more with less means that the need to optimize resources and enhance productivity assumes paramount significance and in this aspect, agile methods promise and deliver good quality, optimal cost software to the customer within the committed timelines thereby leading to greater customer satisfaction and further business opportunities in the future.


The key point to be noted here is the parallel between new customers being created in the Blue Ocean as explained in the Blue Ocean Strategy and the new relationships being generated and renewed when implementing agile methods as part of your software development life cycle as the customer may still be the same but the subsequent relationship with the customer which is created will be different.

Thus, the application of the Blue Ocean Strategy as relevant to agile methods vis-à-vis waterfall method presents a useful and different perspective on how agile methods have helped the IT industry to develop new business relationships and opportunities and also strengthen existing business relationships by looking at the same business problems through a different lens.


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Badri N Srinivasan is working as Head of Quality for Valtech India Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India. He has extensive experience in process implementation and organizational change management processes and process improvement initiatives in the travel, retail, manufacturing, banking and financial services domains. He is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Project Management Professional (PMP).

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