Agile? Waterfall? How About WetAgile?

  • and measure progress through short iterations
  • Use multiple heads to solve problems
  • Maintain a healthy relationship between IT and the business
  • Make sure the business agrees that the project is done

Think of WetAgile as the ala-carte method of picking the components of agile that you either understand or think you can easily implement in a waterfall shop. Keep in mind that as you take on more projects, you’ll most likely be able introduce more and more concepts of agile and eventually become the agile shop that you aspire to become.

Somebody once asked me “have you managed an agile project team?” to which I responded, “I did one better, and I managed a WetAgile team.”

About the Author

Steve Pieczko has more than thirteen years experience managing custom software development and implementing packaged products. With a career largely dedicated to the advancement of best practices that leverage the PM’s ability to predictably deliver business value, he has expertise in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Education, Healthcare, Transportation and Insurance. Today, Steve works with Geneca’s enterprise clients to help them achieve business/IT alignment, predictability and clarity. Steve has an MS in CS from DePaul University. Contact Steve at: [email protected]

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