Allowing Project Management (PM) to Help Configuration Management (CM)


Is there a place for project management in the establishment of a configuration management (CM) infrastructure?  If so, then how much project management should be included?  A thin but strong layer of PM may be helpful to tie tasks together and keep
project team members in-sync with one another. 

Before proceeding, let us consider the value of applying PM to a CM infrastructure effort. Where can solid PM practices help CM? PM can help:

·         Achieve common goals

·         Organize the work

·         Prioritize the work

·         Assign work or bring in expertise at the right time

·         Improve better forecasting of task and project completion

·         Move from an ad hoc approach to a planned approach

·         Provide more control over a project

·         Separate the analysis and planning phases from the execution phase

·         Provide a structured implementation approach

The SCM Level That May Need PM Help
While CM can occur at several levels (e.g., organization, application, and project level), it is the application level where implementing PM practices are most advantageous. The application level is where the CM infrastructure for an application is established. This is not a trivial effort.


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