Application, Project, and Organizational Configuration Management


At the application level, the CM tasks build or improve a CM infrastructure. CM tasks at this level do not directly involve getting a project release out to market (e.g., to its destination), but involves CM tasks focused on building the infrastructure and processes that can support an engineering project lifecycle.

At the project level, the CM tasks help a project create and deliver a release to the marketplace.

At the organization level, the CM tasks define CM consistency across a workplace such as standard policy, budget, personnel structure, and terminology.

Defining the CM Levels
Many people within a workplace use the terminology of the CM levels interchangeably. For example, people constantly use the term “project” and “application” (or “product”) synonymously when, in fact, they are very different. Below are brief definitions of the levels, but it is important to define these terms for your workplace.

An organization may be:

·         An entire workplace if small with only 1 division head or area of focus.

·         A division or sub-division of a workplace if large enough and/or the establishment has multiple division heads with different market or product sector focuses or operates relatively independently from other parts of the workplace.

An application may be:

·         An accumulation of deliverables that make up a functioning system in a full state of operational readiness (otherwise known as “in production”). This can be running on a server, on a client, or packaged on media.

·         An application lifecycle is the lifespan of the application from the first release in production, through the last release, and until users are no longer using the application.

·         An application may be called a product if it includes that application. However, some Products are a collection of Applications.

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