Application, Project, and Organizational Configuration Management


Below is a summary of possible targets in the organization, application, and project levels based on the life or usage of the deliverable and primary beneficiary.

If the life/usage of the deliverable is the:

The target level is the:

Then the primary beneficiary (who SCM Professionals need to work with) is:

Duration of the organization


Senior management (efforts that can change the organizational culture)

Duration of the application


Application owner (aka, product manager)

Duration of the project or used in relation to a specific project release


Project managers (and their staff)

The identification of the target-level will help maximize the time spent on the task and increase the chances of success. This should be one area of focus when approaching a CM implementation.

Examples of Tasks as the Organization, Application, and Project Level
What are some examples of CM tasks at the appropriate level? The following provides examples of tasks grouped by the three CM levels. Keep in mind that some tasks could fit into more than one level. Also, each set of tasks is not meant to be an exhaustive list.

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