Assessing CM in the Development Process


D. Development and Build

1.       How does the code get baselined to establish a new development stream/branch?

2.       How often do builds occur?

3.       Who performs the official builds?

4.       Are builds automated?

5.       Is there a build cycle defined?

6.       What happens to the output of a build?

7.       Does parallel development occur?

8.       Is branching currently setup? If so, what is the working model?

E. Test and Production

1.       How is code moved to test?

2.       Who performs the code migration to test?

3.       Does a release schedule/Plan exist?

4.       Are release notes prepared?

5.       Is there a release readiness meeting in place?

6.       Who performs the code migration to production?

7.       Is there a backout and recovery procedure?

8.       Is a release naming convention defined?

9.       Are there release label naming conventions established?

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