Assessing CM in the Development Process


F. Audits and Status Reporting

1.       Do SCM process audits occur?

2.       Do SCM baseline audits occur?

3.       Is there regular SCM status reporting?

4.       Are SCM risks being identified?

Step 2: Results
Once you have completed the questionnaire, the second step is to review the answers to the questions and sort them by the areas that appear to need more help and can benefit the development organization the most. Consider limiting the areas of improvement to the Top 10 (or the number you feel is appropriate) and placed them on a list. If an area of improvement is build automation (based on the question, "Are builds automated?"), simply write down "build automation". Avoid adding judgment to the area (e.g., lack of build automation).

Step 3: Developer's Input
The third step is to take this “Top 10 areas of improvement list” (from step #2) and meet with the development team. Consider calling this session “CM/development roundtable” or something that indicates a collaborative nature. Showing the list on a poster board, a chalkboard, or white board (so that it is large and can be written on), explain that you have completed a CM assessment and that you have identified potential areas of improvement within the development process. Walk through the list with them indicating that they are not in any particular order. Feel free to allow the development team to add more areas of improvement.

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