Assessing CM in the Development Process


Begin the work of building the solution. Work with development team (as needed) to ensure what you are providing will meet the needs and follows solid CM practices. Once completed, release the solution into the development process. After about 3 months of usage, hold a session with the development team to understand if the solution is working and providing a benefit. Make adjustments as necessary.

Step 5: Rinse, Repeat
After a couple of CM improvement solutions are released into the development process, revisit step #3 (e.g., developer's input) and identify new areas of improvement. If most of the initial areas of improvement are completed, consider revisiting step #1 and perform a new assessment.

When considering improvements, it is important to make it a collaborative effort with development. Focus on areas where development sees benefits. This will make them see CM as a value-added proposition. Of course, additional CM efforts can focus on ensuring there is solid CM, even if the development team does not see a benefit.


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