Becoming Lean: The Why, What, and How


is setting work in progress (WIP) limits so you do not exceed the capacity of your organization at any step. By eliminating delays, you lower induced work which raises true productivity and quality, while lowering cost. Because we are taking a scientific process here, all the roles of the organization can see if our actions are helping or hurting. Overall cycle time is our measure of efficiency of the organization. Local changes can be made with confidence of overall improvement if they lower our overall time. The goal is continuous improvement by improving how we work to get better products for our customers. We learn in small steps so we can understand the results of our actions. Visibility is not just limited to how our work is flowing but includes the rules we use for making decisions. This enables managers to assist development teams since they can work to have the proper organizational structure they need as well as coach the teams when they need it.

Lean Software Development is a combination of Lean science, Lean management and Lean learning. It provides an overall approach that helps different roles in the organization to see how progress is being made, both in the products being built and in the way they are being built By creating visibility and a common language they help create a better, more productive team.

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