Beyond Development: Introducing Agile Techniques into Process Improvement Projects


Change Projects?

The simple answer is yes, in any form of change project, there are six stages of commitment. They represent increasing levels of acceptance to change over time. These are: contact, awareness, understanding, engagement, involvement and commitment. Agile techniques have proven to help to ease the path through these stages.

The benefits of Scrum translate into a collaborative and reactive team working to common goals. The journey from awareness to commitment can be much smoother helping to accelerate progress against the commitment curve. In part, this is due to the self-organising team helping to avoid and identify early on the impediments to change. The iterative planning of the Sprint further accelerates the journey by keeping the project reactive to change.

In an Agile aware and educated client environment process improvement projects benefit from using Scrum. As with any approach, there are challenges, but the impact it has on client process ownership and take-up makes it an attractive option.

About the Author

Justin Glasgow is an experienced consultant who has run professional service and delivery teams for organisations such as Capgemini, Fair Isaac and IP Industries.

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