Bringing Business Value to IT Governance


and the establishment of practices for IT control throughout organizations. COBIT emphasizes regulatory compliance and helps organizations to increase the value attained from IT. A minimal form of COBIT that can be used is called COBIT Quickstart.

ITIL grew out of the British government's desire to develop a common framework for auditing the IT function of its many agencies. Formal frameworks may be a lot for many organizations to implement all at once but there are parts that can be implemented in an incremental manner.

When embarking on IT governance, it is important to start with identifying the business objectives and drivers within the organization. The IT governance strategy should be based on the objectives and then periodically assessed to ensure the objectives are being met. Ultimately for any IT governance to take solid hold in an organization, senior management must truly understand the strength of IT, integrate it into the business plan, establish IT governance, and be committed to ensure it works.

Finally, the IT governance strategy must ultimately be strong enough to survive the political wars in most organizations so that IT governance principals do not change except when the business objectives change. This will help the business realize the true value of IT and allow them to put IT to work for them for both the short and the long run.


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