Can You Manage Business Analysts without Measuring Them?


How Do We Tie This Back to Individuals?
The approach I suggest above works great if you are truly interested in improving the processes that your team uses to perform business analysis. But how do you relate that back to individual business analysts? I personally prefer approaches to providing feedback to people on the team that have been suggested by members of the agile community. Kane Mar provides a nice summary of those ideas in his post “ How to do Agile Performance Reviews.“ If you are currently working in an environment that you would not describe as being agile and really want to have some individual performance measurement, Adriana Beal provides a balanced discussion of the topic in her ebook Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts.

Considering all these perspectives, I think you can manage business analysts without measuring them if you view management as helping business analysts improve their skills sets while helping them be productive members of their team. If, however, you view business analysts as “resources” you will more than likely find individual measurements quite useful.

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