CM Generations and a Vision for the Future


4G CM Administration

Administration will support flexibility within the IT environment. Fewer server issues, fewer technology migration issues, fewer data backup and recovery issues. Look for:

·         Small footprint solutions without sacrificing functionality

·         Zero administration operation

·         Scaleability to thousands of users per server, allowing a single server per site

·         Fully synchronous multisite (the same view from any site at any time)

·         Full interoperability between 32- and 64-bit platforms

·         Automated checkpoint backups that ensure backups happen even if when they don't

4G CM Process
The CM process capabilities will be extended to support a dynamically configurable unified process. When additional data or sister application support is required, the integrated RAD capability will allow the application set to be expanded easily, with seamless integration, using a common repository and a common user interface.

Quality support will be pre-packaged in the CM tool: change and revision control of individual requirements, a clear, key set of metrics, and project forecasting capabilities. These will give management a clear idea of what's happening and how likely they are to meet their goals in the specified time frames. Planning activities and tasks will move from the realm of tracking data into the realm of deliverables. A task will grow from a line item and a description of deliverables/objectives, into the (unrefined) user documentation and test plans: automatically tied directly to the task. Here are some of the key process advances we'll see in 4G CM:

·         Advanced workflow capabilities:  integrating state-based and task-based workflow

·         Dynamically configurable unified process: incremental changes will be automatically reflected in on-line guidance

·         Integrated RAD capability to extend the set of integrated applications

·         Change and revision control of requirement items

·         Project and quality metrics and forecasting capabilities

·         Evolution of planning activity/tasks into deliverables

·         Resource management

·         End-to-end impact analysis

·         Test run management and metrics

·         Data management including data security

·         Customer tracking capabilities

4G Reliability and Availability
This will be one of the hottest areas of 4G CM systems growth that will enable them to grow into true organizational backbones. The goal is to keep your information available, to

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