Configuration Management is Lika a Race Track—Really!


race car tasks to help get the release out.  We can identify where the CM infrastructure can be improved through the continuous use of the CM infrastructure (e.g., procedures, tools, etc.) via CM tasks to the benefit of the projects.  The key areas of focus of CM at the project level include:


·         Getting CM tasks into the project plan

·         Base-lining the code for the new development

·         Establishing the appropriate branching structures

·         Building/compiling the code

·         Creating a release package with deliverables

·         Conducting change control board (CCB) meetings



A key to deploying a CM race track is making as many of the processes as lean as possible, therefore reducing the steps programmers and CM professionals need when interfacing with the CM infrastructure.  One answer is automation.  Any process that is operational, meaning the steps are run again and again, can be automated.  This is particularly important for product teams that are using agile methods, although all methodologies will benefit from automation.  Some benefits to automation are:


·         Making actions less error-prone for improved reliability

·         Eliminating idle time for more lean processes

·         Making things more maintainable and repeatable

·         Making it easier to improve existing processes

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