Constructing a Configuration Management Best Practice


The construct of a practice can be a good way to help an organization understand and execute on a process. A good practice construct will include the components that are needed to implement a process within an organization in a successful manner for adoption. To move forward on a practice, there are several areas of focus to attain a best practice.

These areas include: ensuring that a practice includes all of the key components for a successful adoption; understanding the difference between a practice and a best practice; and identifying the best practices that can make an organization successful, in this case practices specific to a successful Configuration Management (CM) implementation within an organization.

Components of a Practice
Often times an organization wants to implement a process and provides only parts of the components needed for a successful adoption. I have seen an organization create a procedure and place it on their website and consider this a success. However three months later, they find that while some people have reviewed the practice, very few have actually implemented it.

Another example is where a company has identified a tool and installed it on their central server for use. However, after 3 months they find only some usage and the way groups are using the tool varies dramatically. For a practice to be of value to an organization it should include a number of key components to ensure a successful adoption. The

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