Constructing a Configuration Management Best Practice


components include:

·         Description of the topic within the practice this is to ensure people know what the practice is and the details therein:
- Problems that the practice is attempting to solve.  This is to ensure people know why this practice is important and that it can actually reduce some of their pain.
- Goals that the practice aims to achieve.  This is to ensure people know what the objectives are for implementing the practice.
- Measures that show if the practice is successful.  This provides the people with what a measure of success would look like.
- Procedure that helps an organization execute the practice.  This is to ensure that people understand the steps it takes to execute on a practice.

·         Guides to help in the execution of the practice. This provides people with guidance in support of the practice.

·         Tools and Templates that support the execution of the practice. This provides people with the tools and templates they need to more effectively, efficiently, and consistently execute on the practice.

·         Roles involved in executing or facilitating the practice. This ensures people know what their roles are related to aspects of a practice.

·         Training to assist in educating those in the practice. This provides people with a learning opportunity to educated themselves on the practice and shows the people that the company feels it is worth investing in the people and the practice.

·         Tailoring to adjust the practice to work effectively in different groups. This provides people with an understanding that a practice can be tailored to fit their needs and guidance on how to do so.

·         Support Personnel to contact for assistance in the practice. This ensure that people know who to contact for support on aspects of the practice.

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