Continuous Integration and the Automated Database Update Process


       <if test="${file::exists(sql.syncfilename)}" >

                      <property name="HasSQLScriptRun" value="true" />



Data changes that are applied after schema updates—which are approximately 99 percent of all data updates—are applied to the target database in this area. These data changes are checked into the \Post-deploy folder of the database SVNrepository. The scripts are run in alphabetical order so sequencing can be done.

<target name="runpostsql" >

       <!-- run post-deploys -->

       <foreach item="File" property="sqlscriptname" >


                      <items basedir="${sql.scriptsourcepath}">

                             <include name="**\Post**.sql" />   

                             <exclude name="**\Pre-**" />



              <do failonerror="true">   

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