Cook until Done


Two Primary Activities
Developing software is largely composed of two activities: learning and communication. Surprised? Those probably aren't the two chief activities that came to your mind first. But in one form or another, that's what fills our days. We're always learning—not just new technology, but the problem domain, the quirks of the users/clients, the characteristics of the evolving system itself. Similarly we're always communicating: with the machine, with the users, with each other, and sometimes even to a family member who wonders just exactly what it is we do all day. These activities, while critical to success, are also very personal. The good news is that you can do something about it yourself, without any corporate mandate.

In this continuing column, we'll look at many different aspects of software development. But underlying it all, we'll be talking about the raw ingredients of software development—us developers, and how we can improve ourselves, our projects, and our teams.

As it turns out, the final frontier isn't outer space at all. It's inner space–our own minds. Join us in stretching the frontier.

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About the author

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