Culture, Methods, and Governance and Their Impact on CM


implement a rigorous set of methods and standards (e.g., CM for CMMI level 2 or ITIL CM) without realizing that the culture may not be ready or without initiating general steps to move the culture into this direction.

Seeing CM Through the Lens of Governance
Governance may be described as a specific way in which leaders steer an organization .Governance implies defining mechanisms to help drive future direction and implies defining mechanisms that verify and validate that the direction of the company and goals therein are being met. Both pieces (mechanisms for driving direction & mechanisms for verification and validation) must be in place to have a strong governance process.

The more rigorous (or strong) the governance process, the more likely the goals of the organization will be met based on a long-term strategy. The more lax (or weak) the governance process, the more likely that chaos will rule and ad hoc decisions get made that will lack long-term cohesion and direction. A governance process also helps assure the clients that the organization is under control and managing to their goals. Rigor in a governance process does not always equate to bureaucracy, but often times this is the result. The goal in establishing and implementing a governance process is to keep it as lean as possible, avoiding too many levels of approval, too many process steps, and too much paperwork whether it is physical or virtual papers. While there may be some level of budget oversight on IT, a lack of IT governance typically implies that the organization can acquire and implement any type of technology or IT process they want with little oversight. This is neither cost effective nor efficient since it typically results in increasing cost without an understanding of the benefit.

The way this relates to CM is that when there is governance in IT, this can be a natural conduit for driving CM change and ensuring change occurs. The value of CM as a whole or in parts can be determined and then deployed based on a managed approach. Having governance ensures that CM is part of the big picture as it relates to using IT to the advantage of the company.

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