Culture, Methods, and Governance and Their Impact on CM


If the culture is not open, then adoption effort will often fail before they can start. If governance is weak, the adoption effort will be ad hoc and something that is valuable can get mired in personal bias versus prioritized organizational needs. If methods are immature, then even if there is a good reason to adopt a good practice, the cowboy mentality may overrule any need for structure.

In order to avoid starting in a bad position and incorrectly assuming certain factors within an organization, the evaluation of culture, governance, and methods by a CM professional can give you a strong basis from which to start. This can help you determine the form of CM that the organization can handle. The more the three gauges indicate a lower level, the more likely you want to focus the CM efforts on specific CM needs. The more the three gauges indicate a higher level, the more likely it is possible to initiate a more complete CM deployment focusing on several CM functions. 

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