"Dear Agile" – A Love Letter


helped me trim weight and stay lean. Don’t disappointment me, I trust you!

With all my love,



Dear Agile,

I loved you from the first moment I saw you, I loved your fast, speedy releases and that you don’t come with a lot of baggage or documentation. You’re simple and down to earth. You are a great communicator. I always know where you are and my friends love you, too.

I am, however, a bit concerned that not everyone accepts our relationship. I am worried that as my job continually grows and my needs scale up, whether you can handle the increasing challenges. And I’m concerned whether I can afford you… Our relationship and your attachments are what intrigue me the most.

Looking forward to spending more time with you and getting to know you better.

- Your secret admirer

Dear Agile,

We love you, we think you are awesome – for the following (bulleted) reasons:

  • Agile accepts changes and encourages frequent changes
  • Agile can start implementation before full requirements are known.

We do however have a few problems with you agile –

  • Handling cultural change in the organization
  • Does not solve all our issues
  • Makes distributed teams harder to work with

- Your secret admirer


About the Author I'm an Agile Fellow with Rally Software in Boulder, CO. I love coaching others about Agile software development. My passion in this realm has led me to concentrate on practices in collaboration and leadership. I'm also now reaching into systems thinking, Lean, and Kanban (you can read blog posts I've written about these topics). I see a strong interdependency among these various processes and practices. This has led me to also look outside of software and IT to our larger community about sustainable and restorative practices within our physical world.


Besides blogging and consulting with Rally clients worldwide, I've also authored a book Collaboration Explained: Facilitation Skills for Software Product Leaders , Addison-Wesley 2006.


I graduated Magna Cum Laude and as a University Scholar from the University of Missouri. I hold a Masters in French Literature from Michigan State University and a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. When I'm not on the road speaking and coaching about Agile and Lean, you can find me in beautiful Boulder, CO.


Jean Tabaka is a Certified ScrumMaster and Practitioner, a Certified Scrum Trainer, and a Certified Professional Facilitator.


You can read Jean's blog posts at the Agile Blog .

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