Defining Career Milestones In Quality Control Testing

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  • drawing.
  • Familiarity with software programming.
  • Software life cycle.
  • Testing and developing tools.
  • Database and SQL basics.

6. Leadership
As a leader you should have:

  • Diplomatic skills to deal with the team which will create a better working environment that will:
    • Improve employee creativity.
    • Increase their responsibility.
    • Comfort employee to give their opinions and discuss them.
  • Good judgment for hiring employee and keeping skilled people
  • Ability to focus in all system process and details
  • Ability to prioritize the working plan
  • Control to run meetings and keep attendances focused as cross-functional meetings
  • Influencing and persuading skills to drive changes to team member

7. Judgment skills
Used when testing and with defect tracking. Also used by a leader as for assessing high risk areas of an application, time planning, cost effectiveness and production efficiency.

Other personal improvement
In addition to the above skills you can develop:

  • Flexibility, openness, ready to give and accept feedback.
  • Courage to take decision when there is a critical situation with no time for discussion
  • Problem solving, mathematic and statistical skills
  • Intellectual stimulation and logical/ lateral thinking methods

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