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in to give them the support they need to do the job right.  Clients are much more forgiving about handling things within the deployment window than having discovered them on their own later on.

Release Management is more than just the physical code insertion.  It requires a high degree of preparation and coordination to execute efficiently and accurately.  Particularly if you have well defined and limited windows for the release, Fortune certainly favors the prepared.  And while these dicta may be less critical in testing environments, the core principles remain the same.  The stronger the repeatable process is, the better your end deliverables will be, which reflects not only on you but the entire organization.  Boelcke was the most successful pilot of his day not just because he was a multiple Ace, but because he could communicate his process to the other members of his squadron and thereby improve everyone’s performance.

Randy Wagner is a Contributing Editor for CM Crossroads and Senior Configuration Manager with EFD in Sunrise, FL. His experience ranges from major financial institutions to multimedia multinationals to the Federal government. Working in small to large project efforts has given him a unique perspective on balancing the discipline of SCM and enterprise change management with the resources and willpower each organization brings to the table. You can reach Randy by email at   [email protected]

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