e-Talk Radio: Daughtrey, Taz, 31 October 2000


week. And Taz, do you have any sort of final words of wisdom, or some sort of voice of the future, or any sort of Halloween sendoff that you'd like to leave our listeners with tonight?

Taz: Well, thank you. We talked about the ghosts, goblins, glitches. I think that a lot of people think that bad things happens in software just on their own. People use the word "bug," like something sort of flew in through the window and messed up their program. Bad software is because people did things wrong. And I think that if we don't tolerate that, and encourage people to be more professional in the design, construction, testing, evaluation, measurement of their software, we'll all be better off. And not tolerate poor quality in software the way we don't tolerate poor quality in other products and services. And I'm interested and excited that people are becoming more concerned about that, and that we can promote professionalism among those of us who work in the software area.

Carol: And I appreciate your time tonight. It's been wonderful to talk about ghosts, goblins, and glitches. I think software will improve in quality, and between Taz Daughtrey, the American Society for Quality, and our company, Quality Plus Technologies, we're trying to build a better software world. Please join us next week for Paul Hopkins of Honeywell. And happy Halloween.

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