e-Talk Radio: Derby, Esther, 4 January 2001


what you can get done and what the risks are associated with whatever option you choose and that kind of gets you out of that mode where you don't have a lot of power. It was a really, it was an interesting article, and I think had some real practical information for folks on how to shift that.

Carol Dekkers: And we'll be back to wrap up after these short messages.

Announcer: Quality Plus E-Talk is back. Now here's Carol Dekkers.

Carol Dekkers: And welcome back as we wrap up the show. We had a very interesting last 55 minutes talking to Esther Derby about some of the things that are really relevant to test managers, development managers, requirements managers in the software field. And I'd like to say thank you to you, Esther, for giving up your last hour to spend with us.

Esther Derby: Thank you, it was very enjoyable.

Carol Dekkers: And I'd like to introduce next week's show. On January 11, we're going to be having Winsor Brown, who is one of the main authors together with Barry Boehm on the software cost estimation book with COCOMO II that was recently published. And there were approximately nine authors, including...in addition to Winsor Brown, and Winsor's going to join us to talk about some of the emerging extensions to what used to be considered an older model cost estimator. So if anyone has ever been exposed to cost estimating using COCOMO or COCOMO I, you'll be wanting to join in and listen in to some of the new advancements, particularly in the area of refining your cost estimates using COCOMO II. So we're going to have Winsor Brown with us, and Barry Boehm is going to be at the working group meetings but he has promised to try and break away and be one of our phone-in callers for at least one of the segments. We have some very exciting shows coming up, we have Johanna Rothman, who Esther has spoken highly of, we have Jim Highsmith, who has been scheduled to come on the show, we have...of the Software Engineering Institute, we have a lot of different people who have been lined up and Tom DeMarco, who is one of the leading gurus, has just recently written a fiction book which will be very interesting. We won't be talking necessarily about that, but we will be talking to him about risk management and we've got some experts in the area of test management and requirements that we're going to be talking too. So I hope you will join us every week. If you want to send email, please send it to me at [email protected]. You can also go onto StickyMinds.com, www.StickyMinds.com and click on the talk radio and you can actually send in questions or suggestions that you'd like for the show. Now Esther, I know you're still with us and I'd like to just ask you, what can we expect to see more of in STQE this coming year?

Esther Derby: Well, we will be putting together more articles with factual information on testing, developing tests, testing on the Web, test tools, as well as articles on general software management topics, and software measurement and software processes and techniques. And we have some really great authors lined up. It's going to be an exciting year.

Carol Dekkers: It sounds like you're excited about it, and is the January issue out yet?

Esther Derby: Actually, it just came through my mail slot while we were on the phone.

Carol Dekkers: Wow, you have early, early

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