e-Talk Radio: Extreme Programming, 1 February 2001


And one of the things I'll tell you about extreme programming that you may be interested in, and I'll give you a caution with it as well, is something called e-group. If you've never been exposed to an e-group, an e-group is an electronic group that meets kind of ad hoc, and they send email messages. The warning I'll give you is if you get involved with the Extreme Programming e-group, make sure that you do not ask for emails, because you will get 60 to 80 to 100 email messages per day from postings and threads. And these things will come on Saturdays and Sundays. I should have known something was strange when I signed up for the e-group back in December, early December, and the first message that was posted that came into my email box was one from somebody that I thought was very strange. I didn't think it even fit in with the whole context of the e-group on Extreme Programming. And what it was was a posting by somebody who said, "How do I handle email on vacation?" I thought that's odd--that doesn't seem like an Extreme Programming issue. But what they meant was, how do I handle the number of postings that will be in my mailbox when I get back from vacation and try and be able to go through this? Because if you're gone for two weeks, I can guarantee you, you probably have 400 messages. To get involved in the e-group, you would go to groups.yahoo.com (it used to be e-groups.com) and you would select "extreme programming". You can use that in the search at the very top, you'll register, it's a free registration, and you can get involved and see the people, the interaction, and the changes that go on and the postings and the concerns of e-programmers everywhere.

Let me tell you a little bit about extreme programming, and we'll walk through that. And then we'll talk about the metrics that we can use, or maybe not use, especially in Extreme Programming.

XP is a lightweight, efficient, low-risk, flexible, predictable, scientific, and fun way to develop software. That's Kent Beck speaking. Lightweight. What does that mean? Well, it's certainly not the old methodology-prone method of taking a look at things. And the fuller values are really communication. One thing that XP, or extreme programming, does is it puts at the heart of

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