e-Talk Radio: Hendrickson, Elisabeth, 15 February 2001

Rebroadcast 29 March 2001


Now, we've got an exciting line up coming up of shows in the next few weeks. You can go to www.qualityplustech.com and you can actually pull down the radio show season schedule. We've got everything filled out now, except for the final show, which is...we are going to leave you in suspense because we've got some excellent guests that we are lining up for that last show. Coming up next week is Tom DeMarco, the person that everybody has been waiting for. And I feel absolutely flattered that he would spend the time with us. He is going to talk about risk management, making success possible. And as I mentioned on the show last week, I'm also gonna ask him, we'll do a little segue into his new venture, which is publishing fiction. And he has just written a book called, "Dark Harbor House" which has just been released, and will probably soon on the New York Times Bestseller List. So Tom DeMarco of the Atlantic Systems Guild will be here next week, the week after we have David Zubrow, who is a senior member of the technical staff with the Software Engineering Institute, and he'll be talking about advanced maturity. And we're not talking about advanced personal maturity, we're talking about advanced corporate maturity, in terms of the capability maturity model integrations model, and we are going to be talking to him about what he has seen worldwide, because he will be fresh back from the Software Engineering Process Group, SEPG Conference, in India that week.

March 8, we have Al Davis, who is going to be talking about requirements management and Internet time. So, he is an IEEE Editor, Chief Editor emeritus. Did I say that properly? He has a litany of credits to his name, and he is going to be talking about, "What can we do about requirements management in Internet time?" Jim Highsmith will join us March 15th. He is going to be talking about adaptive software development, lightweight methods, for the new millennium. And March 22 we have a treat for you. We have Software Standards, process standards, in lay person's terms, "Taming Your Process With Standards." What should you do to choose a standard that might fit with your organization. Stan Magee, who is part of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO, and Peter Voldner, who is part of the Canadian delegation to ISO, will both be with us on that date to talk about what you should look for in ISO standards.

I thank you very much for joining us this week for Quality Plus e-Talk. It has been a wonderful time to have a listening audience. Keep listening to us, learning things, as we grow together and build better software. I will e-Talk to you next week with Tom DeMarco. Thank you for joining us. Have a great week.

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