e-Talk Radio: Magee, Stan, and Peter Voldner, 22 March 2001


About the Show: Ms. Dekkers, Mr. Magee, and Mr. Voldner give an overview of ISO standards and talk about how to implement standards in your company, regardless of its size.

TEXT TRANSCRIPT: 22 March 2001
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Announcer: Welcome to Quality Plus E-Talk with Carol Dekkers, brought to you by StickyMinds.com, the online resource for building better software. This program will focus on the latest in the field of technology. All comments, views, and opinions are those of the host, guests, and callers. Now let's join your host, Carol Dekkers.

Carol Dekkers: Good morning. Good afternoon. Welcome to Quality Plus e-Talk with Carol Dekkers. I'm Carol Dekkers, and I'd like to welcome you to show number 12 of our season on "Building Better Software." I'd like to thank our sponsor, StickyMinds.com, who continues to run our show. And they have done something very special for us. They have actually taken the last, what will be 25, 26 shows by the end of next week and the week after. They've taken all of the shows and transcribed them into paper, actually written word, as well as streaming audio. So if people went to the StickyMinds.com e-talk radio page, from their home page, and you take a look at the schedule of the people that we've had on the show, anybody who's underlined, you can click on that and you will actually be able to have streaming archive audio of any of the shows that we've had. And we've had some very illustrious guests. And this week is no exception. It gives me great honor to introduce you to two of my ISO colleagues, Mr. Stan Magee and Mr. Peter Voldner, who I'll introduce in a moment. They're two of the preeminent authorities in the area of the world's most popular ISO standard, ISO 12207, Software Lifecycle Process Standard. It's even actually more popular than ISO 9000, and I'd like to welcome both of you to the show. And I'll introduce you in just a moment. Welcome, Stan.

Stan Magee: Thank you very much.

Carol: And welcome, Peter.

Peter Voldner: Hi. Thank you, Carol.

Carol: Good. The sound levels are great today. That's wonderful. Before I introduce my two honorable guests, I'd like to just tell you a little bit, and extend the offer that I've extended for the past several weeks. My company and myself and my team of experts go out and help companies to build better software by using measurement. You can measure something and find out how well you're doing. Then you can improve upon it. If you don't know what you're measuring, if you have no idea how to measure, that's what we really teach you. And we've come up with a calendar that shows the Capability Maturity Model Integration, together with Function Point Analysis and where they fit together through each of the five steps. So again, I'd like to offer that to anyone. I'd also like to let you know that we have some training coming up in Maclean, Virginia, and also in Chicago, Illinois, with major discounts if you register early. You can find all of those on our Web site, at www.qualityplustech.com. And if you send me an email, [email protected], I'd be happy to send you a calendar, if you send me your mailing address. So without further ado, I'm really excited about this show. It's Taming Your Process with Standards, Choosing the Right Standard for Your Company. And that can often be daunting when you get into the world of ISO standards. So two of my experts, who I've got on today…Stan Magee is President of the Software Engineering Process Technology Company, a firm specializing in the implementation of software process


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