e-Talk Radio: Paulk, Mark, 28 November 2000


Ms. Dekkers and Mr. Paulk discuss the history of standardized, high maturity processes in the field of software development.

TEXT TRANSCRIPT: 28 November 2000
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Welcome to Quality Plus! E-talk with Carol Dekkers. This program will focus on the latest in the field of technology. All comments, views and opinions are those of the host, guests, and callers. Now let's join Carol Dekkers.

Carol: Welcome to Quality Plus! E-talk this week. I'm Carol Dekkers. And I run a company called Quality Plus Technologies, which is a management consulting firm where we specialize in using measurement to help companies to build better software. I've had a number of guests over the last several weeks. And we've talked about everything from technology to do with the Florida election, to do with the Palm Beach County. We've talked a little bit last week with Ed Yourdon about extreme programming and the capability maturity model. And every week it seems to build. We seem to get better and better guests.

I feel very, very privileged this week to be able to introduce you to one of the true greats in the software industry. I'd like to introduce you now to Mark Paulk, who is a senior member of the technical staff at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University. He was the project leader during the development of the software capability maturity model Version 1.1. And he's also actively involved with software engineering standards, including ISO 15504, which is a software lifecycle process; no, I just messed that up. It's the framework, software


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