e-Talk Radio: Pettichord, Bret, 8 February 2001


Ms. Dekkers and Mr. Pettichord talk about why testers and developers think differently, and why they should think differently.

TEXT TRANSCRIPT: 8 February 2001
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Announcer: Welcome to Quality Plus e-Talk! with Carol Dekkers, brought to you by StickyMinds.com, the online resource for building better software. This program will focus on the latest in the field of technology. All comments, views, and opinions are those of the host, guests, and callers. Now let's join your host, Carol Dekkers.

Carol: Welcome to show number six of our second series of Quality Plus E-Talk! with Carol Dekkers. I am Carol Dekkers, your host. I would like to introduce you to our guest this week. Fortunately, we do not have a virtual guest. We have a live, in-person expert, tester, developer, consultant...Bret Pettichord.

Bret: Hello.

Carol: I'm sorry, I thought somebody was saying something else. We have had technical glitches and different things that have happened over the past few weeks. So, when somebody says "hi" I am not sure who is saying "hi." I am very happy to have Bret here on the show with us. He is joining us live from Austin, Texas, where you said it was drizzling today, I guess? Bret, is that correct?

Bret: Yes. It is a little overcast.

Carol: A little overcast. Well, here in Florida...this is my first time this entire winter that I can rub this in...it is the first day probably that in Florida that the temperatures are actually higher than they are up north. I think we are going to hit 70 Fahrenheit today. This is the only time I will rub it in all winter, but it is wonderful here. Before I go into a little bit about Bret's history, about what he is going to talk about, I would like to tell you a little bit about me and what I do. We help companies build better software, and that is really the theme of the show, and why we are sponsoring with StickyMinds.com, which is the online resource for building better software. My company is called Quality Plus Technologies. We help people build better software through managing by facts. In other words, using software measurements to track and control and find out what actually works with your software processes, what might not work so well. You can really track, compare, and then get to the root cause of why things are working or not working.

We developed a calendar which has on it the CMMI (capability maturity model integration) together with function point analysis and where it can contribute. If anyone would like a copy of the calendar, I would like to extend to you the invitation that we have had for the past couple weeks, which is if you send me an email at [email protected] I would be happy to send one to you.

Without further ado, the reason why we are really here today is to find out the expertise and get Bret's input on why developers and testers think differently, and why maybe they should think differently. Bret is the editor of the software testing hot list. He consults on software testing and test automation. He has been a test automation lead for IBM, Tivoli and BMC Software and a staff consultant for Segue Software, a test automation company. He has found that test automation requires the skills of both a tester and a developer. He has focused on test automation for the past eight years, before that he was a tester, and before that, he had a life as a developer. So, you have really gone the gamut. You are really an expert to


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