e-Talk Radio: Winward, Heather, 19 September 2000


at the end of our segment, probably closer to the end of November, where she'll do a similar type thing, and allow callers to phone in. So if you didn't phone in this time, maybe you'll feel comfortable to do it next time. I'd like you to join me next week, where we have our guest is Mauricio Aguiar, who is working for CAIXA Economica Federal, which is one of the largest banks in Brazil. And he's going to be with us, and we're going to be talking about why is every information technology shop, why is every IT department a Dilbert society? Dilbert being the most popular cartoon that has come our way in a long time, and has really almost been a cultural phenomenon, with books, papers, tapes, records, and even his own TV show. Do I'd like you to join us next week at the same time, at the same point on your dial, or if you're joining us through streaming audio, welcome, and we'd very much like to have you join us as part of that. Heather, any final words that you'd like to give our callers, our audience out there? Anything that you'd like to say in terms of better communication in the information technology area?

Heather: Well, I can't say enough about the bottom line for being a human being, whether you're at work or at home, and especially in the IT industry, where people don't think that they can be communicators, so often, that this is a way, this is a tool, this is a course that you can bring into your group, and it makes a difference. When I leave your group, it's not like all the tools will leave with me. When I leave you, you'll be able to access who you want to be. You'll be able to really communicate what you want to say. You can ask the questions that get the answers that are going to help you do your work a little bit better. If that happens, it just increases productivity, which really affects the bottom line. And if for you, the bottom line is making more money, it can affect that. If for you, the bottom line is having a better work environment, where people want to stay, it can do that. I'm absolutely convinced that by using graphology and using the skills that I have, you can get to a point when people feel like they want to do a better job for themselves and for the team. And it's a lot of fun. People have a great time.

Carol: And I think sometimes we have so little humor in the workplace. We've had downsizing, outsourcing, we've had people who have lost their jobs. The loyalty at work is gone. And if we can have something that really brings the team together, improves productivity by even one percent, that's a huge, huge thing.

Heather: Absolutely.

Carol: So I'd like to thank you again. And we will talk to everyone next week. Please join us for Mauricio Aguiar, and we'll be talking about why are IT shops the Dilbert Society?

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