e-Talk Radio: Winward, Heather, 19 September 2000


to actually be on at the end of the series, and we're going to have him live so that we can have people phone in and say, "Where should I go in IT? What type of career path would have a job for me?" And we have Heather Winward with us. Again, I'll give out the toll-free number, 866-277-5369. The fax number, if you want to fax in a sample of your handwriting and just give it a try, is 202-466-9630. And we'll be back after a few short messages, and take a look at some of the handwriting that's come in.

Hi. Welcome back to Quality Plus e-Talk. I'm Carol Dekkers. I run a company called Quality Plus Technologies, based in Tampa, Florida, where we have a major thunder and lightning storm going on right now. We specialize in executive coaching is one of the areas. And my guest today is Heather Winward, who is a professional executive coach who does work with us. We also specialize in a lot of different services for the software industry. We specialize in helping people write better requirements for software, we help the software developer understand the requirements and be able to get people to articulate them better, for them to be able to realize what's complete and what's incomplete in terms of software requirements. We also help people with process improvement. And today we're talking to Heather Winward about executive coaching and a technique which is based in science called graphology, which analyzes handwriting of teams. And I'd like to welcome Heather Winward back.

Heather: Thank you very much.

Carol: We have an opportunity, for anyone who's just joined us, to actually get a sampling of what handwriting analysis is all about, and that's to call in on the toll-free line, which is 866-277-5369, and once you get on the air, Candice will take your position, run over to a fax machine with a couple samples of your handwriting, couple of lines, it doesn't matter what, and fax it to 202-466-9630, attention Heather. And Heather, we haven't really talked about the science behind graphology, but I know that there's… that you're actually qualified, you've taken some courses and received certification in graphology.

Heather: That's right. It is based in science. In fact, in years past, there were artists that would use graphology to capture the personality of the person before they would then paint their portrait. There have been many applications throughout time. Years ago, when just the elite or the privileged were able to learn to write, then it was something they would do among those classes is analyze people's handwriting to find out if they could trust them, or those kinds of things. Now that everybody can write, or most everyone can, it's something that in America we don't use nearly as much as they do in Europe. Years ago, 70% of companies in Europe used handwriting analysis to do selection for employment. In America, we don't do that. But I have found that we are just as interested in identifying those traits that help us to further our own goals. Further our goals as a business, as a team. And it's been my experience that people love to hear about themselves. And this is just one more way for people to look at who they are and be able to make some life choices about what they want to do and how they want to apply themselves to whatever they're doing.

Carol: And we have a brave soul named Mike, who's on our line. And I'm not sure

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