e-Talk Radio: Winward, Heather, 19 September 2000


if he's faxed in his handwriting to you yet, Heather, or not. Did you want to run down, take a sprint and…

Heather: Is he on the line right now?

Carol: Let's talk to Mike for a second. Welcome to the show, Mike.

Mike: Hi. How are you?

Heather: Actually, I do have his writing right here.

Mike: I actually gave you a sample this evening.

Heather: He was at dinner with me.

Carol: So you had dinner with Heather beforehand.

Mike: I did.

Carol: Hey, this will work. So you're kind of our online guinea pig. And would you like to know about yourself?

Mike: I would.

Heather: Well, first of all, Mike is communicative. As opposed to being talkative. And what that means is, he is not interested in small talk or chit-chatting at all. People that are communicative are interested in talking as long as it's about something, not about people, and not about nothing. And Mike is making that kind of a transition in his life, it looks like. His goals are way above average, and there's some very self-castigating, or low goals, which tells me that there's something happening in his life that's giving him cause to look at things and reevaluate things. He also has good attention to details. He's very loyal. His decisions are gaining strength, which means that when he's making decisions, he's actually setting it in concrete in his mind, which is also something people do when they're in transition. He has to listen to or uses sarcasm a lot, a real lot. He also has something called acquisitiveness, which is a desire to acquire things, ideas, and people. Mike, is this sounding like you?

Mike: Right on.

Heather: Fabulous.

Carol: But he didn't use a sarcastic comment there.

Heather: He may have to listen to it a lot. Sometimes people that are deluged with sarcastic comments, it almost turns into a digestion of statements, because it's not a straight way of speaking. Let's see, what else? Mike is extremely selective of his friendships. He can be very social, but here again, in the mode he's in now, he's really choosing to look at friendships rather than associates or superficial things. He's repressing some kind of emotion. He also has… Because his goals, when he's in his normal mode are above average, he can accomplish a lot. He's also defiant, so if I were Mike's manager, I would make sure that he understand the vision of what we're doing. Because people that are defiant need to know how what they're being asked to do fits in with the program or the picture. He also is someone who's very dynamic, and he also is dominant. So that tells me that when he speaks, people feel like they need to do what he says because he's saying it. So that's a lot of responsibility for him in his life. Because then people pay attention to what he says and actually think they have to do what he says.

Carol: Mike's somebody that you've just met. And have not done handwriting analysis, this was not pre-staged.

Heather: Right. I mentioned that we were going to be on the show tonight, and I asked him for some writing. And I'm glad he called in. I'm actually kind of impressed. He also likes to read, or he has to read a lot. He has a real literary stroke in his writing. And there's so much more I could tell you. He's direct. People in handwriting analysis that are direct are able to express their opinion, they're

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