e-Talk Radio: Yourdon, Ed, 21 November 2000


About the Show: Ms. Dekkers and Mr. Yourdon discuss bottom-up quality, CMM, and eXtreme Programming.

TEXT TRANSCRIPT: 21 November 2000
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Good evening and welcome to Quality Plus E-talk. I am Carol Dekkers, and I run a company in Tampa, Florida, called Quality Plus Technologies where we specialize in helping companies to build better software. Over the past several weeks, we have spent a fair amount of time talking about things ranging anywhere from software quality requirements, software requirements and user involvement. We have talked to Paul Hopkins from Honeywell and talked to Roger Pressman last week about the Florida Election and how software has been involved in some of the things that would help or hinder some of the things going on, particularly here in Florida.

The guest this evening that we are waiting for to call in is Ed Yourdon. While we are just waiting for him to call in, I will just tell you a little about Ed Yourdon. He is really a renowned figure in the software world. On his Web site, he actually has a very interesting introduction. He says that he is a daredevil parachutist, an alligator trainer, a sword swallower, a Himalayan Mountain climber, an raconteur, advisor to Hollywood stars, concierge of McDonald's Big Mac hamburgers, and the author and co-author of more than two dozen books including one called Death March which is the tale of a very unfortunate software project, and The Rise and Resurrection of The American Programmer but prior to that, The Decline and Fall of The American Programmer. He has been to absolutely everything. I have seen him speak time and time again, and he has been excellent. He was part of the structure in Neilson's Method.

I would just like to give you an opportunity this evening if you have ever wanted to talk Ed Yourdon, or if you are already in the software industry and you would like to be able to speak live with him, who is really one of the pinnacles of our software industry, then I would invite you to phone in. Our toll free number is 866-277-5369.

Without further ado, Ed Yourdon.

Carol: I guess this is what I would call the best of just in time arrival. I would like to welcome you. I read off the very illustrious introduction that you have on your Web site. I did not know that you like Big Macs ?

Ed: Oh, absolutely, absolutely.

Carol: Well, this is great. I would like to welcome you to the show. We are broadcasting live from Phoenix. I have invited people to call if they would like to talk with you who as I previously mentioned is really one of the pinnacles and one of the gurus of the software industry, that they are invited to phone us.

Ed: Well, thank you very much.

Carol: It was great to find out that Roger Pressman actually resided in Palm Beach County. I had no idea that he did. He talks a little bit about some of the things that were going on in the election, particularly, nonpartisan and just to do with the software and lack of software and what could help us to go forward. One of the things that I thought was very interesting is that Roger said that this is kind of a 100-year storm. It is like the snowfall that comes once in 100 years. He says that the election, when you take a look at the accuracy of the results, was still within about 0.1%. And with the election being so close, it is like a 100-year storm.


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