e-Talk Radio: Zubrow, David, 1 March 2001


look at them from afar. And I think that this forum is a really good forum to talk to, really the cream of the crop in this industry.

David, I'd like to say thank you. And do you have any final words of wisdom for our listening audience in terms of CMMI implementation?

David: Well, in terms of the CMM, I think there's a lot of conventional wisdom out there, which is you have to get that management support, and you just have to take those steps. I think it's really a matter of commitment, willingness to improve, taking a look at the way you're doing things, and just figuring out a better strategy.

Carol: And I think you've shared a ton of information with us. We could probably talk for another three or four hours, but we'd be moving into everyone's lunch hour, their dinnertime, and around the world, I'd like to say thank you for listening to Quality Plus e-Talk! with Carol Dekkers. Thank you for joining us this week. Please join us next week and the weeks after, as we feature a lot more experts on building better software. I will e-talk to you next week.

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