e-Talk Radio: Zubrow, David, 1 March 2001


it's the report I mentioned earlier, where we provide the results of all the assessments reported to us. And one new feature, if you will, of this particular profile will be, we have information on twelve reassessments, where organizations have gone from level 4 to level 5, and it looks like, based on those twelve, the median time to move between those levels is about 22-1/2 months. And sort of in relation to our earlier conversation about the challenges of going from 3 to 4, the data are showing that that's been taking around 30 months. And it jibes, too, with some personal experience I've had working with companies moving from 3 to 4, that there is kind of a hurdle there in terms of really getting the data organized, selecting the right data, and marshaling it for that purpose.

Carol: So if somebody's in an SEPG role, or a quality assurance role, and they'd like to show their management how long it's been taking companies on average, they can grab this profile. I assume it's in an Excel spreadsheet or something that they can slice up.

David: It's a PowerPoint presentation.

Carol: In a PowerPoint presentation. And they can get that by going to which particular page?

David: If you just go to the main SEI Web site page, in the drop down list you'll see Community Maturity Profile, you'll see Maturity Profile, you'll see Assessment Results. There's a variety of ways and they all get you to the same place.

Carol: That's great. And I think a lot of listeners have really appreciated the time that you've taken with us. I wish we had more time and we could talk about your trip to the Taj Mahal. I thought it was very interesting in the email you sent me where you said, "I blew off one day and went to the Taj Mahal."

David: I'm not sure that's for general consumption, but sure. You get that close and that far, you want to do it.

Carol: Well, no kidding. You're that close, and it's kind of like saying, "Well, I'm here at the ocean, I'm not going to look." But I'd like to say thank you for giving us an hour of your expert time. You won't be at the SEPG conference which is coming up in two weeks in New Orleans, but you will be, and you are the chairperson for the 11th International Conference on Software Quality with the American Society for Quality next year in Pittsburgh.

David: Right. October 22 to 24 in Pittsburgh here.

Carol: And there'll be more information about that forthcoming. Next week's guest, which will be show number 10, March 8, we're going to be featuring Dr. Alan M. Davis, president of Omni Vista, and he's a renowned software requirements management expert. He was the former chief editor for IEEE software, and he's going to be talking about requirements management in Internet time. So that's going to be an inspiring, pretty interesting show. And I'd like to share with you one of the comments that one of my listeners sent back to us. She said, "Listening to the show is kind of like sitting around a fireside chat. And being able to sit back, have coffee, and listen to you talk to the experts." And I really am pleased that David took the time to sit down and share his expertise in an informal, casual way. When you go to a conference, you don't often get that interaction. If somebody's up on a pedestal at the front, and you kind of

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