End-to-End Performance in Web Applications


Reporting Performance Numbers
Performance numbers are typically reported as average, minimum, and maximum response times. If the performance test runs for a specified time, the average response time would be the most important indicator of performance. Maximum and minimum response times provide a means to investigate why a certain transaction with a certain input indicated a good or bad response time. Graph D helped us in analyzing response times.

Graph D

Monitoring the Web Server
Monitoring the Web server is an integral part of performance engineering. While running different workloads with multiple users, we always logged performance counters like processor time, private bytes, thread count, handle count, etc. In most cases, our hardware/processor was not able to handle the load and the CPU time exceeded 100%; hence, the results were not accurate. It's almost imperative that performance counters be logged and analyzed. This can prevent unpleasant situations when the application is being tested in the production environment, and you also get an estimate of how many virtual users your environment is able to handle during your performance integration tests.

End-to-end testing of performance in Web applications is a complex and time-consuming task. The proposed methodical approach in this paper not only ensures a structured way of testing, but also provides a practical way of enhancing performance of a Web application by applying these techniques at every phase or iteration in a Web development life cycle.


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