Evaluating and Selecting CM Tools - A Perspective


to do prior to signing any contract. The real price of PLM includes getting it implemented, and then possible maintenance. What may look like a "good deal" up front may not be as good in the long run. Get everything in writing, set tasks, schedules, performance metrics and more.

Then step on the gas and hang on. If your process is right and your tool selection was right, and there were no misunderstandings... then you are on your way to a successful CM tool implementation and a positive relationship with your tool vendor.

The Bottom Line
(1) The CM Process leads. Identify how you want the Organization’s CM processes to work. CM processes need to be documented. They should be incorporated into an organization’s “CM Standard.”

(2) The organizational “CM Standard” becomes the basis of your "CM Tool Requirements Specification” (included are the organization’s IT requirements).

(3) The “CM Tool Requirements Specification,” as well as other criteria such as cost, schedule, etc., is used to select your preferred tool provider.

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Current Position

President- Configuration Management Process Improvement Center (CMPIC). CMPIC provides CM Training, Certification and Consulting in partnership with the University of Houston. www.cmpic.com. Steve is also a former President of the Association of Configuration and Data Management (ACDM) and is currently on ACDM’s Board of Governors.

CM Experience
He has twelve years experience as a Configuration Management (CM) specialist and CM manager in various government and commercial organizations. He has been a contractor CM analyst, a government employee CM specialist and a commercial CM manager. He also has another sixteen years as a CM educator, assessor and consultant. Steve is a sought after CM expert and has taught over 3300 students CM principles. He has presented/briefed hundreds of compa­nies and government organizations on CM process improvement. Steve has also conducted CM assessments for the NASA International Space Station Program, as well as many other commercial and government organizations.

As a Conference Speaker
Steve has spoken either as keynote or general session at various conferences such as the NSA, Auto-trol Users Group, GEIA, CMII conference, Gfkm Germany, USPS, USAF AOC and others. Steve also had the honor of being selected to speak to the FAA as part of its FAA’s Distinguished Lecturer series.

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