Five Imperatives for Application Lifecycle Management


process definition thus guiding the team toward the desired result at the exact time its needed.

Define process up front, don't change during the execution

Use tools that make it easy to tweak and adapt the process as the project executes and as the team learns and wants to improve

Institute process police

Let the tool govern behavior and refine it over time. Review the effectiveness of the process specification to ensure adequate results as part of your team retrospectives.

Rational Team Concert provides process specifications that you can use to get your teams up and running. These process specifications provide work item types, state transitions, and rules that govern how to use them. In addition, teams can modify the process to suit their needs. A process can be deployed to an entire project, or modified for a team within a project. Processes can even be modified ‘in flight’ to adapt to the changing conditions on the project. The image below shows the default set of work-item types that are defined by Team Concert’s out-of-the-box Scrum process template.


12.  Work-item types that support Scrum, come out of the box in Rational Team Concert

Tools that support the process and guide team members toward the expected behavior are important elements in an ALM solution.

Choosing ALM solution for your team
Choose an ALM solution that supports and encourages collaboration regardless of role, organization, or geographic location. The IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution meets the five imperatives described above. The solution consists of IBM Rational Team Concert, IBM Rational Quality Manager, and IBM RationalRequirements Composer.

Rational Team Concert integrates work item tracking , source control management , continuous builds , iteration planning , and highly configurable process support to adapt to the way you want to work, enabling developers, architects, project managers, and project owners to work together effectively. Rational Team Concert supports multi-platform development such as Java, .NET, and mainframe environments. Rational Team Concert has built-in integrations with Requirements Composer and Quality Manager, along with many other popular development tools. Learn more on the project Integrations page on

Teams seeking to add rich requirements definition and management use Rational Requirements Composer . Requirements Composer is being extended to provide both requirements definition and management capabilities for fast-paced, market-driven project teams. Requirements Composer has built-in integrations with Team Concert and Quality Manager, along with many other popular tools. Learn more about Requirements Composer Integrations on

Teams seeking to improve their ability to meet quality goals use Rational Quality Manager, which has built-in integrations to Rational Team Concert and Rational Requirements Composer. IBM Rational Quality Manager helps organizations optimize project quality with a single, shared test management hub that provides integrated lifecycle support across virtually any platform and type of testing. It provides a customizable, role-driven solution for test planning, creation, and execution as well as workflow control, tracking, and end-to-end traceability.

By using these products together teams can live up to the five ALM Imperatives described in this article. The imperatives are built in, and ready to help you improve your ability to deliver high quality software innovation. What’s great is that you don’t have to use all three to reap the reward. The products can be used in any pair, or all together.

We welcome you to visit to learn more about Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management , powered by Jazz.

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