Global Agile Development: How Investing in the Right Team Impacts Long-Term Rewards


expectations for the team and help solve any problems that may arise. Will there be daily scrum meetings between geographic teams or will you be conducting a quot;scrum of scrumsquot; approach? (Typically, one specific Scrum approach is used in planning multiple scrum approaches for future releases.) In fact, global Scrum Masters must deal with the added challenges of not being near all of their teams, as well as the main customer resources. They are responsible for coordinating between the global locations and ensuring these locations are working seamlessly. Therefore it is vital, as with any global endeavor, to continue to put collaboration first and ensure that communication is a top priority.

It All Comes Down to People, Not Process
Agile development is a much more people-focused process than other development methods like waterfall, which are typically process-focused. It's well known that there are much greater challenges to moving Agile development offshore than waterfall. However, once a Global Agile approach to software development is implemented, it's successful at a faster pace because of its highly collaborative nature. Product releases are delivered in short, focused time periods, typically in two to three months.

As with any endeavor, putting appropriate effort in the very foundation is always the key to success. The individuals who make up your Global Agile team are not just the foundation but the bricks and mortar of your project. Putting the right people in place, monitoring, motivating, and providing effective tools and the opportunity for collaboration will go a long way to remove some of the challenges faced by many leaders moving to a Global Agile software development environment. And the effort will be well worth it.

About the author
Neil Fox brings several years of experience with Agile development methodologies to Symphony Services' Global Agile TM approach to software development. Prior to Symphony, Fox led several Agile development teams while serving as Director of Development for Lawson Software and Senior Director of Global Information Systems at Red Hat. Fox pioneered the development of the world's first corporate Intranet and content management system as Manager of Advanced Development and Applied Technologies at TRW. He also led the implementation of award-winning career web site while with Management Recruiter's International.

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