Going Over the Fence


to paint a pretty picture and show it to the client, expecting they’ll break out the checkbook. They are spending real money so it’s going to need to be a paint-by-numbers action. And we need to bear in mind that sometimes that those numbers won’t create a picture in our favor. Better to spend the time up front to identify best potential fits before we waste our time or the client’s.

Getting something like this off the ground won’t be easy. As mentioned before, it will probably take our own vacation time and off hours. We’d need to spend time with the client, going over our notes, and devising solutions. Implementation wouldn’t be much different than how we implement our process solutions now. We’ll have organizational resistance to change unless management really steps to the plate. So once we make the sale, it will be the same old thing, sans software.
We’re just using the knowledge we already possess. But perhaps, if enough of us can create a stir in the business community with this, we might just be able to extend the lease on our careers. Is it really so far fetched for this concept to be viable? Maybe. It could be the nonsensical ravings of an outsourced mind. Certainly the core nuggets of what we’ve been preaching are usable in all facets of business. And does it really cost us much to dip our toes in the pool? Isn’t it worth tossing out the grappling hook as we hurtle toward the abyss? Who knows what we’ll snag? This massive economic shift will not happen over night. We know the changes are coming. We know they won’t be pretty. Now is the time to take chances that are too expensive after the fall.

Randy Wagner is a Contributing Editor for CM Crossroads and VP of Technology Development with Taylor Bean & Whitaker in Ocala FL. His experience ranges from major financial institutions to multimedia multinationals to the Federal government. Working in small to large project efforts has given him a unique perspective on balancing the discipline of SCM and enterprise change management with the resources and willpower each organization brings to the table.
You can reach Randy by email at [email protected].

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