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The book also serves as an excellent quality assurance study guide and contains much of the material needed to pass either the QAI CSTE or the ASQ CSQE exams. It could also possibly serve as a study guide for the QAI CSQA exam as well. The book is roughly divided by what is covered in each test; thus making it easy to stay focused while studying.

Each chapter deals with one principle or area at a time. The chapters interconnect well, and cover the right amount of material before moving on to the next subject. The author presents many viewpoints other than his own and is not argumentative about choosing one over the other. He simply writes as an unbiased observer, while still illustrating the fashion in which he personally implements the various components. The review questions and discussion topics cover subjects the author finds to be most relevant to the practice of quality assurance.

For those trying to start or better implement quality assurance within their organization, it is an excellent resource. For those seeking certification, it is a fantastic study guide. Reviewed by Mark L. Krug

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